Over the years, your piano has become worn and used, and that is perfectly normal.
More than just tuning or regulating, it needs to be repaired, or perhaps even fully restored.
It is crucial to distinguish between these two processes.


After several years of usage, in addition to regular maintenance (at least one tuning per year and a regulation visit from time to time, depending on playing intensity), the piano’s mechanical components need adjusting in order to recover their initial precision.

For example, most repair operations will typically include adjusting the hammer jacks, adjusting the key dips, re pivoting, and reforming the hammer heads.


Restoration is a major operation that is almost equivalent to ‘rebuilding’ the entire piano. It can only be done in a workshop, which means returning the piano to the shop, and it requires several weeks of work. The component parts of the instrument will need to be replaced by new parts of certified origin. This will bring your piano back to life.

In order for any quote to be prepared, you will first need to have a technician visit you for an expert appraisal of your piano.
Repairing or restoring a piano is an art in itself – an experienced technician must also be a good craftsman.

Pianos KLEBER’s 4 technicians are qualified and experienced; their track record is extremely significant.