Technical repair at home

Tuning - Regulation - Adjustments


As a reminder, your piano needs to be tuned at least once a year, even if it is used infrequently.

Over the years, regulation and a few adjustments to the mechanical parts may prove necessary and will be highly beneficial to your piano.


We offer full-service piano maintenance at your home, in Luxembourg and Grande Region.

We offer quality services by a team of 4 qualified technicians, including one graduate from the Steinway Academy of Hamburg.

Their years of experience will ensure excellent tuning that lasts over time.

Their accurate actions will guarantee that your piano is smoothly and evenly regulated and that you are pleased with its transformation. Their high-quality adjustments will revitalise your instrument, allowing you to express your musical creativity at its best.

It is important to distinguish between tuning, regulation, and adjustments. The time needed for regulation and adjustments may vary depending on the type of piano and its condition; therefore, these visits are invoiced on an hourly basis.