Vintage Steinways

The prestigious Steinway & Sons company needs no advertising: the Steinway name has been acknowledged throughout the world for over 160 years; it resonates within the minds of all professionals and artists, as well as many great and passionate amateurs. So, what if the dream came true?

For nearly 90 years, Pianos KLEBER and Steinway & Sons have shared a history rooted in the same common values: a passion for the instrument, a respect for traditions, skill and market knowledge, and employee loyalty, etc.

Following this wonderful historical tradition, Pianos Hanlet is proud to bring you today the most prestigious fleet of second-hand Steinway & Sons pianos available: these rare and unique pieces have finishes that are nowadays hard to find, as well as fascinating and often moving stories, and exceptional sound.

What could be more beautiful than the soul of a Steinway piano that has travelled through the decades, is revealed by the expertise of our technicians, and continues, to this day, to live more musical adventures!